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Signs That Indicate Your Back Pain May Need Attention!

Back Pain

While back pain is very common in general population and usually gets better with time, there are some ‘SIGNS’ that are necessary to look for and needs medical attention.

  1. Lower limb (Leg) symptoms

Radiating pain in legs associated with tingling/ numbness is usually a sign of nerve irritation or compression that needs evaluation.

  1. Weakness in legs

Any weakness in legs or imbalance while walking should not be taken lightly. This is uncommon but sinister and urgent opinion of Spine Specialist is sought for.

  1. Loss of urine/ motion control

Any bowel bladder incontinence associated with back/ leg pain needs to be evaluated and treated by a specialist urgently as this though uncommon, may sometimes be irreversible.

  1. Pain in children or elderly

Any pain in children or elderly should not be taken lightly as this may be a sign of not so common underlying spine pathologies.

  1. Pain associated with trauma/ fever/ weight loss or anorexia

These symptoms may be a sign of underlying fracture/ injury or an associated difficult condition like infection/ tumour and a specialist has to be consulted.

  1. Chronic pain

Most low back pain spasms resole in 2-3 weeks’ time. Pain lasting longer that this needs attention.

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