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Transpedicular Biospy

Transpedicular Biospy

Overview A biopsy is a procedure where a small part of pathological tissue is removed through a Minimally Invasive Technique for diagnosis and examination. This procedure is indicated in patients suspected of Spinal Infections, Tuberculosis,Spinal Tumours or when the diagnosis is in doubt. A few investigations are usually asked for before the procedure.

Fasting for a few hours in advised. It is done as a day care procedure. In the operating room, patient is turned prone (face down) on the operating table. Local anaesthetic and sedation is given. A small stab incision is taken. A needle is inserted and directed at the level of pathology under C-arm (Intra-operative X-ray) and tissue is taken.

A small dressing is done. The tissue take is sent for investigations. If medically stable patient may be discharged. It is a beneficial procedure which guides evidence based treatment. Sometimes, if the biopsy report is not conclusive, repeat biopsy/ open biopsy may be advised. In very rare circumstances, the nearby neurovascular structures may get injured during the procedure.

CT guided Biopsy: In some patients, surgeon may recommend a CT Guided biopsy. The procedure is essentially similar except that it is done under CT guidance rather than X-ray guidance. This is advised when the pathology is better seen on CT or is very close to important neuro vascular structures.

Disclaimer: The description of procedure is how usually a surgery is done. During the procedure, based on intra operative encounters which varies from patient to patient different steps may be performed.

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