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Media & Talk

CME at ITC Grand Central, Mumbai

Dr Ruparel creating awareness about Osteoporosis amongst the physicians and explaining them about ‘Safe Spine Surgery’ techniques.

Informative Talks in Australia

Dr Ruparel interacting and teaching the doctors and nurses at Melbourne, Australia- June 2018.

Talk on International Yoga Day

Dr Ruparel explaining the benefits, myths, facts, dos and dont’s about fitness, yoga and exercise on the International Yoga Day to the people.

Media Coverage

Dr Ruparel’s participation in news coverage of an emergency surgery conducted on a young man with Tuberculosis and paralysis which helped him to walk again.

CME held at Gleneagles Global Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr Ruparel holding a talk on ‘Spondylosis- Pain in the neck’. The event was a part of on going teaching programme for the physicians in Mumbai.

Testimonials by Patients