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Lumbar / Cervical Spondylosis

Overview: Lumbar spondylosis is age related degeneration of spinal column. This is universal and irreversible. It may/ may not cause symptoms. When symptomatic it may range from occasional back pain to any of the conditions listed under Degenerative Pathologies. The usual treatment options are conservative in nature.

Lumbar– Low back, Cervical-Neck, Spondylosis– age related degeneration of vertebral bones.

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Lumbar/Cervical Spondylosis is defined as age related degeneration of the spinal column. It is omnipresent with changes occurring as early as 2nd/ 3rd decade of life. This is an inevitable process of aging that occurs due to biomechanical loading of spine with ongoing wear and tear.


All the conditions (Degenerative) are an indirect consequence of spondylosis. The pathological changes may be seen on radiological examination – X-rays and MRI which may be very common to note in a particular age group. In most cases, it is asymptomatic just like greying of hair. In some patients it may cause neck/ back pain due to disc degeneration or facet joint arthritis. This is treated conservatively with medications and physiotherapy. In advanced cases, when it causes instability/ neural compression- active intervention may be necessary.